When I was about 4 and a half, I got my first, tiny, violin. In the 14 years I played, Woodbridge Violins was the place I'd go when I outgrew my instrument. I would play dozens to find the perfect sound.
After remembering how beautiful the shop was whilst walking through Woodbridge in the summer, I asked Russell if I could capture his story on film.
I wanted to capture a piece of the emotion that Russell's shop conjures in everyone who walks through it's doors.
For the soundtrack to the video, I headed to Woodbridge School to record a performance from student and violinist, Jennifer Clare. Her playing was the perfect way to tie the video together both visually and emotionally, and reflected my own experiences playing violin at the school.

Shot and Edited by: Tom Rout
Producer: Robert Gooding
Soundtrack: Adagio in E major, K261 by Mozart, performed by Jennifer Clare & accompanied by Chris Milton

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