Creating a buzz around your club or bar is easy when you have the right marketing material. Videos can be quickly and easily shared on social media, reaching thousands of potential customers and their friends. You can even add drinks offers, ticket links and branding to create a huge asset for your nights.
The example above is a proof of concept for what can be achieved. I wanted to create a sense of intrigue and mystery, avoiding the usual club video clichés and leaving the viewer with an urge to be part of the vibe and quiet intensity of what they were watching.
With a combination of slow motion footage, carefully selected music and my use of light, I turned what could have been a standard club night into an otherworldly event to capture the imagination of the audience and get them through the door.
Imagine that with your branding, your venue and your customers. There's also the options to create videos for screens inside clubs and bars to further build atmosphere.

Directed, Shot & Edited by: Tom Rout

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