This video is the result of months of hard work and planning, both in creating the video and it's release, resulting in over 10,000 views in 48 hours.
I first met Hot Tramp in July 2016 where we discussed some ideas and approaches to creating their first music video. They wanted to stand out and had a loose idea of making a video set in the Wild West where they would fight a baby...
What resulted was the most ambitious project I had ever undertaken.
Having put so much effort into making the music video, we wanted to launch it in style and make sure it got seen. We devised a plan to premiere the video at Hot Tramp's last gig of the year at The Swan in Ipswich. The build up to the event included a GIF and a teaser trailer which you can see below:
We gave free tequila to everyone who dressed for the Wild West and premiered the video halfway through the set, right before the band came back on to finish the night in full costume from the music video, playing Seventh Son to kick off the second half.
To top it off, I also filmed the launch (which was packed out) as even more material to promote the band and the video once the views start tailing off. That video is below:
After 48 hours of the music video's release on Facebook, it had over 10,000 views, the majority of which were from organic traffic. It's now on 30,000+ views, 250 shares and a total reach of over 40,000. Here's the promoted Facebook version of the video.
It's just as important to get people to see your video as it is to make it look cool. Sounds obvious but it can easily be overlooked. When you get a video with Tom Rout Cinematography, I ensure either by way of advice or hands on planning that your video has impact and creates meaningful results.

"The video he produced for us was and is fantastic. It's raised our profile, turned heads and given us a real sense of pride"
Tom Williams, Hot Tramp

Directed, Shot & Edited by: Tom Rout
1st Assistant Director: Lewis Garrard
Makeup Artist: Clare Alexandra

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